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OUR GOAL: We guarantee that all our services will be carried out with the utmost professionalism and quality.

PRICING – *A minimum 50% deposit fee that later will be applied to the final balance will be required to book your service. NO EXCEPTION. A valid credit card or debit card is required to confirm your service/booking*. Quotes are just an estimation, and the final amount might change. Our quotes are all based on the information provided and if there is a deviation we will charge accordingly. We also will take into consideration the level of dirtiness, the lengthy of the last cleaning, heavy soiling, mineral deposits, damaged surfaces, or anything else that we are unable to factor will have to be considered, if need be, prior to starting any work or after the service is done. Our mission is not to mislead nobody or to bait and switch. But to always be honest and upfront by giving a fair and accurate quote/price for both parties. If quoted by the hour (Mostly in the LA area). We will charge a minimum 2 hours of work regardless of the size of the place. Non-payment will result in invoices being sent to a collections agency. We reserve the right to assess any late payment or collections fees, which will also be sent to collections in the event of non-payment.

PARTIAL CLEANING – We try not to do partial cleaning of homes and/or offices. However, in some cases depending on the circumstance we might be able to do it.


1. We highly recommend starting with a Deep Clean for the first clean. Deep Cleans will be followed by Basic Cleans – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. We can discuss what maintenance is right for your property based upon your needs.

2. Some properties may require organizational services (for an extra fee) before an initial clean can take place. If this is the case, we will work out a plan together that works best for you and your family.

3. First-time cleans can take much longer (2-5 hours or even more) depending on the size, level of dirtiness, number of bathrooms and how much work is involved to bring the property to our standards.

4. Due to insurance purposes and to prioritize the safety of our cleaners, we are unable to climb anything higher than a 3-step ladder and to lift or remove heavy items during cleaning. Heavy items, such as furniture, appliances, or equipment, can pose a risk of injury to our cleaners if not lifted or moved correctly. We do not want to put our cleaners at risk of injury, and we also want to ensure that our clients’ property remains undamaged. If heavy items need to be moved or lifted, we kindly ask that our clients either move the items themselves or hire a professional moving company to do so. Our cleaners will still be able to provide thorough cleaning services without moving heavy items.

5. Although we are professionals, we are not miracle workers. Sometimes we are called in too late to correct damage that is already done to surfaces that were not taken care of in the past. Other items may take a couple of cleans to look their very best (even after a deep clean). We strive in making everything look as new as possible. In cases of extremely cluttered areas or surfaces we reserve the right to use our discretion to skip those areas to avoid damaging items or hurting ourselves.

6. We need to be able to work freely and without distractions. Every effort is made to work safely and cautiously, but we cannot assume liability for the safety of others while cleaning your property. This includes children and pets. Be advised that if we are subject to distractions that affect our ability to work in our normal fashion or speed, we reserve the right to charge for our extra time spent in the property.

7. If our cleaners are expose to uncomfortable working conditions and that proper heat and/or air conditioning is provided. Cleaners have the right to turn on heat or AC to and/or adjust to comfortable working conditions. We will adjust it back to your settings before we leave.

8. If our cleaners feels that their personal safety is in danger enough to leave the job site, due to actions by the customer, guests of the customers or others at the job site, the customer will remain liable for the full cost of the job. Please read our customer duties and responsibilities for more details.

9. Be advised that we limit our liability for damage to the cost of your clean and we assume no liability for damage or loss of items that are not secured properly or that were damaged prior to our clean. (Example: heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, any type of floating shelves, mirrors, etc.). Collectibles or items of high value, (monetary or sentimental) should be stored in a case behind glass or dusted & cleaned by the owner. All surfaces (i.e.: Marble, Granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed to be properly sealed and ready to clean without causing harm when common cleaning supplies are used. Blinds must be wide, wood, or faux wood for hand clean. Excessive buildup may require a professional blind cleaning service. Cleaning of aluminum and/or plastic blinds requires a professional blind cleaning service. We are not responsible for any broken blinds because of our clean. We will dust your blinds for free as part of our clean.

10. LOCKOUTS – We are not responsible for any costs or expenses due to the loss or malfunction of doors, callboxes, lockboxes, locks, or keys. We have a free key storage service for your convenience, but we are not obligated to assist you in entering your home or office at any time. You should always have your own copy of an extra key.

11. SPECIAL REQUESTS – Let us know in advance to assure that our cleaners will be able to accommodate your special requests without impacting our other clients’ needs for arrival times, etc. An extra fee will/might be charge.

12. COMMUNICATION – We love notes! Please let us know how we are doing by leaving a note on the counter or through text messaging. Notes are also great to give specific clean instructions, and to let us know an area that may have been overlooked. Do not hesitate to let us know any concern, we want you to be happy. We appreciate all comments regarding service and will use them to improve all aspects of our cleans.

13. SAFETY – We ask that you notify our office by 7:00AM if you or anyone in your family is sick or has a contagious illness so that we can take precautions or choose to reschedule your job. We will also never send one of our team members into your property if we know that they are ill. Please note that due to health reasons we do not clean up after pets.

14. SUPPLIES/EQUIPMETS – We will provide all the appropriate equipment necessary to do our jobs. Extra or unusual equipment will be billed additionally. For cleaning supplies, we prefer that the customer provide all the necessary supplies. Any jobs that will require us to provide extra/unusual cleaning supplies will also be billed additionally.

15. Any additional service requests not included in the initial booking that you ask for on-site also be billed for (such as refrigerator, oven, windows, etc.)

16. Your Satisfaction is guaranteed. While we do not offer refunds on services that have been provided, we will return & re-clean any areas of concern that are reported to us until you are completely satisfied within 48 hours of your clean. When reported we will schedule to come out and fix any issues. If you call within 48 hours, we will come out within the next 72 hours to fix any issues, if you don’t allow us back to remedy the issue you give up your right to a remedy.

17. VACATIONS AND HOLIDAYS – We love to work! That is why we are available to clean your place almost 365 days except on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. If your regular clean lands on one of these holidays, we will reschedule you to another day. Weekly clients will have first choice of rescheduled dates, then bi-weekly, then monthly. If you will be out of town or on vacation during a holiday week, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid a last-minute cancellation fee or lock out fee.

18. When entering into an agreement for a cleaning service with WeClean LLC. you agree not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by WeClean LLC for any property-related services. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff, please be advised that our referral/training fee is $2,000 payable to WeClean LLC immediately upon employing our staff for any services to your property/ business. The cleaner will be terminated immediately from our contract agreement as they will also be in breach of their own non-solicitation agreement.